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Insert the ChangeLog from gdip-pixbuf-loaders.

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* gdk-pixbuf-io.c: Add the bits and pieces for built-in GDI+
== ChangeLog from gdip-pixbuf-loaders follows: ==
2008-03-19 Tor Lillqvist <>
* src/io-gdip-utils.c: Drop misleading old comment.
* src/io-gdip-native.h: Fix typo: s/WINGDIAPI/WINGDIPAPI/.
2008-03-17 Tor Lillqvist <>
* src/io-gdip-utils.h (MODULE_ENTRY): Use the more descriptive
INCLUDE_gdiplus instead of INCLUDE_gdi. (Will be used when this is
moved to GTK+ and the gdip loaders are built-in in libgdk-pixbuf.)
Use G_MODULE_EXPORT so that only fill_info and fill_vtable get
exported in the separate loader DLLs case.
* src/io-gdip-emf.c
* src/io-gdip-ico.c
* src/io-gdip-wmf.c: Use unique type parameters to MODULE_ENTRY so
that we won't get clashes when building all the gdip loaders in to
2008-03-17 Tor Lillqvist <>
* src/ Remove, and add missing
loaders to loader_LTLIBRARIES. Set loaderdir to use proper GTK+
binary version using pkg-config. Add final newline.
2008-03-15 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* io-gdip.c: Remove
* io-gdip-ico.c:
* io-gdip-wmf.c:
* io-gdip-emf.c: Separate these into their own loaders, so that existing
code that calls "gdk_pixbuf_loader_for_type()" and friends continues
to work as expected.
* Makefile.test:
* Reflect the above changes
* io-gdip-native.h:
* io-gdip-utils.c: Better error reporting; handle metafiles properly
(loading them as bitmaps doesn't work; you have to load them as a
generic image or metafile and then draw them onto a bitmap)
2008-03-06 Alberto Ruiz <>
* Use the .exe version of the gdk query loaders if the build
is for a windows target.
2008-03-04 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip-utils.c: More informative error codes, taken from the COM HRESULT
2008-03-03 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip-native.h:
* src/io-gdip-jpeg.c: Support setting the JPEG's quality, just like GdkPixbuf's
built-in JPEG encoder
* src/io-gdip-png.c: Support setting the PNG's compression level, just like
GdkPixbuf's built-in PNG encoder
2008-02-25 Tor Lillqvist <>
that it works better.
2008-02-24 Dom Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip-animation.[ch]: Animation class and interator
* src/io-gdip-utils.c: Use animation iter. GDI+ animations now work.
2008-02-24 Dom Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip-utils.c: Simple animation working; need to use a more sophisticated
animation class
2008-02-24 Dom Lachowicz <>
* src/*.c: Change to GTK+-style indentation; stub out some stuff
for animation support
2008-02-22 Dom Lachowicz <>
* src/ Build those other libraries using automake too;
track dependencies properly
2008-02-22 Dom Lachowicz <>
* src/*.[ch]: Separate out formats that are writable into their
own plugins. The GDI+ loader can now save as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG,
or TIFF. Also, some tweaks so that the format plugins can be
statically compiled into GTK+ if we choose to do so.
2008-02-22 Dom Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip-utils.c (GetEncoderClsid): Add support for BMP,
2008-02-22 Dom Lachowicz <>
* src/*.[ch]: Saving images to PNG now works. Conditionally compiled
until I get GdkPixbuf's saving architecture straightened out.
2008-02-21 Dom Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip-utils.c (io_gdip_init): Make this idempotent
* src/io-gdip.c: Function that fills the GdkPixbufIO vtable. To be used across
various GDI+-based plugins
2008-02-21 Dom Lachowicz <>
* src/*.[ch]: If you #define GDIP_TEST_SAVING, you should be able
to save a pixbuf to a PNG via GDI+. WARNING: UNTESTED CODE
2008-02-21 Dom Lachowicz <>
* src/*.[ch]: Infrastructure for saving GdkPixbufs to GdkPixbufSaveFunc callbacks.
Should be trivial to write a PNG or JPEG saver now.
2008-02-20 Tor Lillqvist <>
* src/io-gdip-utils.c: Drop the wrapper functions that each call
GetProcAddress(). Instead just use a bunch of function pointers
and initialise them at the same time in io_gdip_init().
2008-02-19 Dom Lachowicz <>
* src/*.[ch]: ARGB isn't pre-multiplied; first stab @ metadata
2008-02-19 Tor Lillqvist <>
* src/io-gdip.c
* src/io-gdip-utils.c
* src/test.c: Use spaces instead of tabs. Use 2-column indentation
offset which was the original intent. Remove trailing whitespace.
2008-02-19 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Use AC_DISABLE_STATIC. It makes no sense to build
a static library of this.
* Take ACLOCAL_FLAGS into consideration.
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/*.[ch]: Fix image size (don't need to add + 1); framework
for supporting animations or multi- paged TIFFs
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/*.[ch]: If the source image doesn't have alpha, don't create
an opaque alpha channel in the pixbuf
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/*.c: Whitespace fixes
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip.c: Support pixbuf scaling
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip.c: Fill pixbuf properly; propegate errors. Plugin
now works for non-animations
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip.c: Move initialization to fill_vtable
* src/io-gdip-utils.c: GDI+ functions return Status, not HRESULT,
so we can't use SUCCEEDED() to test if they worked or not
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip.c (gdk_pixbuf__gdip_image_stop_load): Un-premultiply alpha
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip.c (gdk_pixbuf__gdip_image_stop_load): Destroy the
* src/io-gdip.c (fill_info): Add support for PNG, GIF, WMF, EMF, TIFF
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip-utils.c (io_gdip_buffer_to_bitmap): Release the IStream
* src/io-gdip.c: Move the init() call to fill_vtable, so that it's
only called once
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip-utils.c: Make GDI+ function pointers static so that
we only load them once
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/test.c: Dispose of the bitmap
* src/io-gdip-utils.[ch]: Add bitmap dispose function
2008-02-18 Dominic Lachowicz <>
* src/io-gdip-native.h: The GpImage and GpBitmap structs should be anonymous
== End of ChangeLog from gdip-pixbuf-loaders ==
2008-03-11 Claudio Saavedra <>
* io-bmp.c: (gdk_pixbuf__bmp_image_stop_load): Set a
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