Commit b6d9bb6e authored by Cody Russell's avatar Cody Russell
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Fix for bug #557689 and bug #402349, where opening a file chooser in

folder browse mode would require the user to click on something
before clicking "Open".
parent 0c90bacf
......@@ -8594,8 +8594,16 @@ gtk_file_chooser_default_should_respond (GtkFileChooserEmbed *chooser_embed)
entry = GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ENTRY (impl->location_entry);
check_save_entry (impl, &file, &is_well_formed, &is_empty, &is_file_part_empty, &is_folder);
if (is_empty || !is_well_formed)
return FALSE;
if (!is_well_formed)
return FALSE;
if (is_empty)
if (impl->action == GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_SAVE)
return FALSE;
goto file_list;
g_assert (file != NULL);
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