Commit b8fa675a authored by Kristian Rietveld's avatar Kristian Rietveld Committed by Tristan Van Berkom
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Release view after setting it as contentView

Fixes GdkQuartzView being leaked.
parent 969ff4c8
......@@ -1058,6 +1058,7 @@ _gdk_window_impl_new (GdkWindow *window,
impl->view = [[GdkQuartzView alloc] initWithFrame:content_rect];
[impl->view setGdkWindow:window];
[impl->toplevel setContentView:impl->view];
[impl->view release];
......@@ -1079,6 +1080,7 @@ _gdk_window_impl_new (GdkWindow *window,
/* GdkWindows should be hidden by default */
[impl->view setHidden:YES];
[parent_impl->view addSubview:impl->view];
[impl->view release];
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