Commit d4b92737 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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Make level3 keys work again

We were not paying attention to consumed modifiers when adding
virtual modifiers. This fixes RH bug 537567.
parent ba218a77
......@@ -618,6 +618,7 @@ translate_key_event (GdkDisplay *display,
GdkKeymap *keymap = gdk_keymap_get_for_display (display);
gunichar c = 0;
gchar buf[7];
GdkModifierType consumed, state;
event->key.type = xevent->xany.type == KeyPress ? GDK_KEY_PRESS : GDK_KEY_RELEASE;
event->key.time = xevent->xkey.time;
......@@ -633,9 +634,11 @@ translate_key_event (GdkDisplay *display,
NULL, NULL, &consumed);
state = event->key.state & ~consumed;
_gdk_keymap_add_virtual_modifiers (keymap, &state);
event->key.state |= state;
_gdk_keymap_add_virtual_modifiers (keymap, &event->key.state);
event->key.is_modifier = _gdk_keymap_key_is_modifier (keymap, event->key.hardware_keycode);
/* Fill in event->string crudely, since various programs
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