Commit d688343a authored by Krzesimir Nowak's avatar Krzesimir Nowak
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Check if buffer is NULL after setting it to NULL, not before.

This catches cases when "notify::buffer" handler does not recreate
the buffer again, which could end in reference leak.
parent 0e37b3e2
......@@ -3031,10 +3031,11 @@ gtk_text_view_finalize (GObject *object)
text_view = GTK_TEXT_VIEW (object);
priv = text_view->priv;
g_assert (priv->buffer == NULL);
gtk_text_view_destroy_layout (text_view);
gtk_text_view_set_buffer (text_view, NULL);
/* at this point, no "notify::buffer" handler should recreate the buffer. */
g_assert (priv->buffer == NULL);
cancel_pending_scroll (text_view);
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