Commit e2a2ba9d authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson
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Revert patch that conflicts with client-side-windows work

Revert commit f4090b5c, as that
conflicts with the client-side-windows work. Furthermore, that
change is already applied as part of the client-side-windows work.
parent 5ef4c2b9
......@@ -2116,8 +2116,8 @@ gdk_window_clear_backing_rect_redirect (GdkWindow *window,
paint.x_offset = 0;
paint.y_offset = 0;
paint.x_offset = x_offset;
paint.y_offset = y_offset;
paint.pixmap = redirect->pixmap;
paint.surface = _gdk_drawable_ref_cairo_surface (redirect->pixmap);
......@@ -2125,19 +2125,10 @@ gdk_window_clear_backing_rect_redirect (GdkWindow *window,
GDK_WINDOW (redirect->redirected),
&x_offset, &y_offset);
/* offset is from redirected window origin to window origin, convert to
the offset from the redirected pixmap origin to the window origin */
x_offset += redirect->dest_x - redirect->src_x;
y_offset += redirect->dest_y - redirect->src_y;
/* Convert region and rect to pixmap coords */
gdk_region_offset (clip_region, x_offset, y_offset);
x += x_offset;
y += y_offset; = NULL;
method.gc = NULL;
setup_backing_rect_method (&method, window, &paint, -x_offset, -y_offset);
setup_backing_rect_method (&method, window, &paint, 0, 0);
if (
......@@ -2156,7 +2147,7 @@ gdk_window_clear_backing_rect_redirect (GdkWindow *window,
g_assert (method.gc != NULL);
gdk_gc_set_clip_region (method.gc, clip_region);
gdk_draw_rectangle (redirect->pixmap, method.gc, TRUE, x, y, width, height);
gdk_draw_rectangle (window, method.gc, TRUE, x, y, width, height);
g_object_unref (method.gc);
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