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2008-12-30 Matthias Clasen <>
* gtk/gtkmenutooltbutton.c:
* gtk/gtkprintoperationpreview.c: Doc additions
2008-12-29 Matthias Clasen <>
......@@ -217,6 +217,19 @@ gtk_menu_tool_button_class_init (GtkMenuToolButtonClass *klass)
widget_class->state_changed = gtk_menu_tool_button_state_changed;
toolitem_class->toolbar_reconfigured = gtk_menu_tool_button_toolbar_reconfigured;
* GtkMenuToolButton::show-menu:
* @button: the object on which the signal is emitted
* The ::show-menu signal is emitted before the menu is shown.
* It can be used to populate the menu on demand, using
* gtk_menu_tool_button_get_menu().
* Note that even if you populate the menu dynamically in this way,
* you must set an empty menu on the #GtkMenuToolButton beforehand,
* since the arrow is made insensitive if the menu is not set.
signals[SHOW_MENU] =
g_signal_new (I_("show-menu"),
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