Commit e95490c1 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

GdkWindow: remove reference to a long-removed example

parent 5addd8cb
......@@ -65,25 +65,6 @@
* <firstterm>composited</firstterm> window it is the responsibility of the
* application to render the window contents at the right spot.
* </para>
* <example id="composited-window-example">
* <title>Composited windows</title>
* <programlisting>
* <xi:include xmlns:xi="" parse="text" href="../../../../examples/gdk/composited-window-example.c"><xi:fallback>FIXME: MISSING XINCLUDE CONTENT</xi:fallback></xi:include>
* </programlisting></example>
* <para>
* In the example <xref linkend="composited-window-example"/>, a button is
* placed inside of an event box inside of a window. The event box is set as
* composited and therefore is no longer automatically drawn to the screen.
* When the contents of the event box change, an expose event is generated on
* its parent window (which, in this case, belongs to the toplevel #GtkWindow).
* The expose handler for this widget is responsible for merging the changes
* back on the screen in the way that it wishes.
* In our case, we merge the contents with a 50% transparency. We also set the
* background colour of the window to red. The effect is that the background
* shows through the button.
* </para>
* </refsect2>
* <refsect2 id="OFFSCREEN-WINDOWS">
* <title>Offscreen Windows</title>
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