Commit ecc5342b authored by Timm Bäder's avatar Timm Bäder

GtkEntry: Recompute in text-inserted/text-deleted

The text-inserted/text-deleted handlers rely on the cursor positions
being unadjusted after the text change, so we can't do it in
parent f19cadea
......@@ -5425,6 +5425,7 @@ buffer_inserted_text (GtkEntryBuffer *buffer,
selection_bound += n_chars;
gtk_entry_set_positions (entry, current_pos, selection_bound);
gtk_entry_recompute (entry);
/* Calculate the password hint if it needs to be displayed. */
if (n_chars == 1 && !priv->visible)
......@@ -5474,6 +5475,7 @@ buffer_deleted_text (GtkEntryBuffer *buffer,
selection_bound -= MIN (selection_bound, end_pos) - position;
gtk_entry_set_positions (entry, current_pos, selection_bound);
gtk_entry_recompute (entry);
/* We might have deleted the selection */
gtk_entry_update_primary_selection (entry);
......@@ -5498,20 +5500,9 @@ buffer_notify_text (GtkEntryBuffer *buffer,
GParamSpec *spec,
GtkEntry *entry)
int new_current_pos, new_selection_bound;
guint buffer_length;
if (entry->priv->handling_key_event)
gtk_entry_obscure_mouse_cursor (entry);
/* Make sure the cursor/selection stays in the new text length */
buffer_length = gtk_entry_buffer_get_length (buffer);
new_current_pos = MIN (entry->priv->current_pos, buffer_length);
new_selection_bound = MIN (entry->priv->selection_bound, buffer_length);
gtk_entry_set_positions (entry, new_current_pos, new_selection_bound);
gtk_entry_recompute (entry);
emit_changed (entry);
g_object_notify_by_pspec (G_OBJECT (entry), entry_props[PROP_TEXT]);
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