Commit ef85f112 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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Don't use gdk_spawn

Replace the sole use of gdk_spawn in GTK+ by GAppInfo.
parent 536a7c8a
......@@ -201,8 +201,8 @@ _gtk_print_operation_platform_backend_launch_preview (GtkPrintOperation *op,
GtkWindow *parent,
const gchar *filename)
gint argc;
gchar **argv;
GAppInfo *appinfo;
GAppLaunchContext *context;
gchar *cmd;
gchar *preview_cmd;
GtkSettings *settings;
......@@ -276,7 +276,11 @@ _gtk_print_operation_platform_backend_launch_preview (GtkPrintOperation *op,
quoted_filename = g_shell_quote (filename);
quoted_settings_filename = g_shell_quote (settings_filename);
cmd = shell_command_substitute_file (preview_cmd, quoted_filename, quoted_settings_filename, &filename_used, &settings_used);
g_shell_parse_argv (cmd, &argc, &argv, &error);
appinfo = g_app_info_create_from_commandline (cmd,
"Print Preview",
g_free (preview_cmd);
g_free (quoted_filename);
......@@ -286,9 +290,12 @@ _gtk_print_operation_platform_backend_launch_preview (GtkPrintOperation *op,
if (error != NULL)
goto out;
gdk_spawn_on_screen (screen, NULL, argv, NULL, G_SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH, NULL, NULL, NULL, &error);
context = gdk_display_get_app_launch_context (gdk_screen_get_display (screen));
gdk_app_launch_context_set_screen (GDK_APP_LAUNCH_CONTEXT (context), screen);
g_app_info_launch (appinfo, NULL, context, &error);
g_strfreev (argv);
g_object_unref (context);
g_object_unref (appinfo);
if (error != NULL)
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