Commit fb0968a9 authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte Committed by Tristan Van Berkom
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Revert dd511e82

The patch completely breaks entry completion - as can be seen when using
epiphany. Bug 480065 has been reopened.
parent 4f0f6243
......@@ -142,9 +142,6 @@ struct _GtkTreeViewPrivate
gint press_start_x;
gint press_start_y;
gint event_last_x;
gint event_last_y;
guint last_button_time;
gint last_button_x;
gint last_button_y;
......@@ -391,9 +391,6 @@ static void remove_expand_collapse_timeout (GtkTreeView
static void cancel_arrow_animation (GtkTreeView *tree_view);
static gboolean do_expand_collapse (GtkTreeView *tree_view);
static void gtk_tree_view_stop_rubber_band (GtkTreeView *tree_view);
static void update_prelight (GtkTreeView *tree_view,
int x,
int y);
/* interactive search */
static void gtk_tree_view_ensure_interactive_directory (GtkTreeView *tree_view);
......@@ -2476,11 +2473,6 @@ gtk_tree_view_size_allocate (GtkWidget *widget,
/* This little hack only works if we have an LTR locale, and no column has the */
if (width_changed)
if (tree_view->priv->tree)
update_prelight (tree_view,
if (gtk_widget_get_direction (GTK_WIDGET (tree_view)) == GTK_TEXT_DIR_LTR &&
! has_expand_column)
invalidate_last_column (tree_view);
......@@ -3299,26 +3291,6 @@ prelight_or_select (GtkTreeView *tree_view,
do_prelight (tree_view, tree, node, x, y);
static void
update_prelight (GtkTreeView *tree_view,
gint x,
gint y)
int new_y;
GtkRBTree *tree;
GtkRBNode *node;
new_y = TREE_WINDOW_Y_TO_RBTREE_Y (tree_view, y);
if (new_y < 0)
new_y = 0;
_gtk_rbtree_find_offset (tree_view->priv->tree,
new_y, &tree, &node);
if (node)
prelight_or_select (tree_view, tree, node, x, y);
static void
ensure_unprelighted (GtkTreeView *tree_view)
......@@ -4130,9 +4102,6 @@ gtk_tree_view_motion_bin_window (GtkWidget *widget,
(tree_view->priv->button_pressed_node != node))
node = NULL;
tree_view->priv->event_last_x = event->x;
tree_view->priv->event_last_y = event->y;
prelight_or_select (tree_view, tree, node, event->x, event->y);
return TRUE;
......@@ -10569,15 +10538,9 @@ gtk_tree_view_adjustment_changed (GtkAdjustment *adjustment,
- tree_view->priv->hadjustment->value,
dy = tree_view->priv->dy - (int) tree_view->priv->vadjustment->value;
if (dy)
if (dy && tree_view->priv->edited_column)
if (tree_view->priv->tree)
update_prelight (tree_view,
tree_view->priv->event_last_y - dy);
if (tree_view->priv->edited_column &&
GTK_IS_WIDGET (tree_view->priv->edited_column->editable_widget))
if (GTK_IS_WIDGET (tree_view->priv->edited_column->editable_widget))
GList *list;
GtkWidget *widget;
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