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What is new in GTK+ 1.1.6:
* The signal system now features emission hooks whith special semantics,
refer to the ChangeLog for this.
* Minor? speedups and memory reductions to the emission handling of the
signal system.
* _interp() function variants are deprecated now. the corresponding *_full()
variants are provided for a long time now.
* Dnd abort timeout increased to 10 minutes.
* GtkScrolledWindow inherits from GtkBin now.
* GTK_POLICY_NEVER is implemented for scrolled windows now.
* Lots of API clean ups.
* Incremental freezing abilities.
* Integrated widgets from the GNOME tree: GtkLayout, GtkPlug and GtkSocket.
* Read doc/Changes-1.2 to properly adapt your code.
* Bug Fixes.
What is new in GTK+ 1.1.5:
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