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    • Руслан Ижбулатов's avatar
      Fix a nefarious typo · c6c13bd6
      Руслан Ижбулатов authored
    • Руслан Ижбулатов's avatar
      GDK W32: Ensure that selection request is processed · 934ac3f6
      Руслан Ижбулатов authored
      To do that, run the message loop for one second or until the side-effect
      of running the selection request handler is achieved (as opposed to
      running it until the event is no longer queued).
      The disavantage of this method is that if the event handling is
      somehow missed (due to a variety of reasons - after all, it's not
      a straight path from an event being queued to property_change()
      being called), this will loop for one second. Since we do process
      events during that time, this will not hang the application, but
      might still restrict some of the functionality.
    • Руслан Ижбулатов's avatar
      GDK W32: Refuse to release mouse grab while in DnD mode · 7b6efc29
      Руслан Ижбулатов authored
      Handle WM_CANCELMODE and do nothing in response to it when DnD is
      active. Otherwise pass it to DefWindowProc, which will call ReleaseCapture()
      on our behalf.
      This prevents us from losing mouse capture when alt-tabbing during DnD
      (this includes the feature of Windows Explorer where dragging stuff over
      a window button in the taskbar causes that window to receive focus, i.e.
      keyboardless alt-tabbing).
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      GDK W32: Update layered windows on opacity changes · 0ee453a4
      Руслан Ижбулатов authored
      Without this patch layered windows are only updated when they are moved
      by the user or then their contents changes. This patch adds opacity
      changes to the list of things that make GDK update a window. Without this
      windows that don't redraw and are not moved by the used (DnD drag indicator
      windows, for example) don't change their opacity.
    • Руслан Ижбулатов's avatar
      W32: Massive W32 DnD fix · 8caba953
      Руслан Ижбулатов authored
      Massive changes to OLE2 DnD protocol, which was completely broken before:
      * Keep GdkDragContext and OLE2 objects separate (don't ref/unref them
        together, don't necessarily create them together).
      * Keep IDataObject formats in the object itself, not in a global variable.
      * Fix getdata() to look up the request target in its format list, not in the
        global hash table
      * Create target GdkDragContext on each drag_enter, destroy it on drag_leave,
        whereas IDropTarget is created when a window becomes a drag destination
        and is re-used indefinitely.
      * Query the source IDataObject for its supported types, cache them in the
        target (!) context. This is how GTK+ works, honestly.
      * Remember current_src_object when we initiate a drag, to be able
        to detect later on that the data object is ours and use a
        shortcut when querying targets
      * Make sure GDK_DRAG_MOTION is only sent when something changes
      * Support GTK drag cursors
      * Ensure that exotic GTK clipboard formats are registered
        (but try to avoid registering formats that can't be used between applications).
      * Don't enumerate internal formats
      * Ensure that DnD indicator window can't accept drags or receive any kind of input
        (use WS_EX_TRANSPARENT).
      * Remove unneeded indentation in _gdk_win32_dnd_do_dragdrop()
      * Fix indentation in gdk_win32_drag_context_drop_finish()
      * Remove obsolete comments in _gdk_win32_window_register_dnd()
      * Check for DnD in progress when processing WM_KILLFOCUS, don't emit a grab
        break event in such cases (this allows alt-tabbing while DnD is in progress,
        though there may be lingering issues with focus after dropping...)
      * Support Shell ID List -> text/uri-list conversion, now it's possible
        to drop files (dragged from Explorer) on GTK+ applications
      * Explicitly use RegisterClipboardFormatA() when we know that the string
        is not in unicode. Otherwise explicitly use RegisterClipboardFormatW()
        with a UTF8->UTF16 converted string
      * Fix _gdk_win32_display_get_selection_owner() to correctly bail
        when selection owner HWND is NULL (looking up GdkWindow for NULL
        HWND always succeeds and returns the root window - not the intended
      * More logging
      * Send DROP_FINISHED event after DnD loop ends
      * Send STATUS event on feedback
      * Move GetKeyboardState() and related code into _gdk_win32_window_drag_begin(),
        so that it's closer to the point where last_pt and start_pt are set
      * Use & 0x80 to check for the key being pressed. Windows will set low-order bit
        to 1 for all mouse buttons to indicate that they are toggled, so simply
        checking for the value not being 0 is not enough anymore.
        This is probably a new thing in modern W32 that didn't exist before
        (OLE2 DnD code is old).
      * Fixed (hopefully) and simplified HiDPI parts of the code.
      Also adds managed DnD implementation for W32 GDK backend (for both
      OLE2 and LOCAL protocols). Mostly a copy of the X11 backend code, but
      there are some minor differences:
      * doesn't use drag_window field in GdkDragContext,
        uses the one in GdkWin32DragContext exclusively
      * subtracts hotspot offset from the window coordinates when showing
        the dragback animation
      * tries to consistently support scaling and caches the scale
        in the context
      * Some keynav code is removed (places where grabbing/ungrabbing should
        happen is marked with TODOs), and the rest is probably inert.
      Also significantly changes the way selection (and clipboard) is handled
      (as MSDN rightly notes, the handling for DnD and Clipboard
       formats is virtually the same, so it makes sense to handle
       both with the same code):
      * Don't spam GDK_OWNER_CHANGE, send them only when owner
        actually changes
      * Open clipboard when our process becomes the clipboard owner
        (we are doing it anyway, to empty the clipboard and *become* the owner),
        and then don't close it until a scheduled selection request event
        (with TARGETS target) is received. Process that event by announcing
        all of our supported formats (by that time add_targets() should have
        been called up the stack, thus the formats are known; just in case,
        add_targets() will also schedule a selection request, if one isn't
        scheduled already, so that late-coming formats can still be announced).
      * Allow clipboard opening for selection_convert() to be delayed if it
        fails initially.
      * The last two points above should fix all the bugs about GTK+ rising
        too much ruckus over OpenClipboard() failures, as owner change
        *is allowed* to fail (though not all callers currently handle
        that case), and selection_convert() is asynchronous to begin with.
        Still, this is somewhat risky, as there's a possibility that the
        code will work in unexpected ways and the clipboard will remain open.
        There's now logging to track the clipboard being opened and closed,
        and a number of failsafes that try to ensure that it isn't kept open
        for no reason.
      * Added copious notes on the way clipboard works on X11, Windows and GDK-W32,
        also removed old comments in DnD implementation, replaced some of them
        with the new ones
      * A lot of crufty module-global variables are stuffed into a singleton
        object, GdkWin32Selection. It's technically possible to make it a
        sub-object of the Display object (the way Wayland backend does),
        but since Display object on W32 is a singleton anyway... why bother?
      * Fixed the send_change_events() a bit (was slightly broken in one of the
        previous iterations)
      * Ensure that there's no confusion between selection conversion (an artifact
        term from X11) and selection transmutation (changing the data to be W32-compatible)
      * Put all the transmutation code and format-target-matching code into gdkselection-win32.c,
        now this code isn't spread across multiple files.
      * Consequently, moved some code away from gdkproperty-win32.c and gdkdnd-win32.c
      * Extensive format transmutation checks for OLE2 DnD and clipboard.
        We now keep track of which format mappings are for transmutations,
        and which aren't (for example, when formats are passed as-is, or when
        a registered name is just an alias)
      * Put transmutation code into separate functions
      * Ensure that drop target keeps a format->target map for supported formats,
        this is useful when selection_convert() is called, as it only receives a
        single target and no hints on the format from which the data should
        be transmuted into this target.
      * Add clear_targets() on W32, to de called by GTK
      * Use g_set_object() instead of g_ref_object() where it is allowed.
      * Fix indentation (and convert tabs to spaces), remove unused variables
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      GDK W32: More flexible modal operation mode · 87103b9a
      Руслан Ижбулатов authored
      Instead of using a boolean to indicate a modal operation being in progress,
      use a set of flags, and allow these to be set and unset independently.
      Specifically, this allows WM_CAPTURECHANGED handler to only act when a drag-move or
      drag-resize modal operation is in progress, and ignore DND (which can also cause
      WM_CAPTURECHANGED to be posted). This avoids a crash due to assertion failure when
      OLE2 DND code tries to end a modal operation that was already ended by the WM_CAPTURECHANGED
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      gdk: Fix GDK_ALL_EVENTS_MASK · 4c44ffda
      Benjamin Otte authored
      This mask was forgotten to update when the last 2 event masks were
      added, probably because it looks like it's already maxed.
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      gdk/win32: Fix Win32 GL Context switching · d38a148f
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      Since on Windows we need to use a good amount of temporary GL contexts,
      we need to switch back to the original GL contexts we were using when
      we are done with the temporary GL contexts, otherwise multi-GL windows
      will cause confusions causing display artifacts and crashes.
      Also, use the GdkWin32GLContext::gl_hdc consistently throughout
      the code and remove the GdkWin32Display::gl_hdc as Lukas K pointed out
      that GdkWin32Display::gl_hdc becomes out-of-date and so the HDC that the
      GL context is bound to becomes incorrect in sceanarios using multiple
      windows with GtkGLArea/GdkGLArea items (which would cause the artifacts in
      programs that use multiple windows with GtkGLArea/GdkGLArea items, and it
      turns out that GdkWin32Display::gl_hdc is actually not necessary to help
      keep track of the HDCs we use for our GL contexts.
      Partly based on patch from Lukas K <lu@0x83.eu>
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