1. 11 Mar, 1998 1 commit
  2. 10 Mar, 1998 1 commit
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      commiting changes from owen: · 2f50a304
      Owen Taylor authored
      Mon Mar  9 20:38:15 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
              * gtk/gtkentry.c gtk/gtkeditable.c gtk/gtkspinbutton.c:
                Moved "activate" to editable class. Made the vfuncs in
                gtkeditable just vfuncs not signals.
              * gtkentry.[ch] gtktext.[ch]: Made behavior when pressing
                multiple buttons at once more rational.
              * gtkentry.c gtktext.c: Unified and rationalized key
                bindings. (Now are basically emacs+CUA)
              * gtktext.c:
                - Last position now always shares the property of the preceding
                - Freeze the widget when inserting large amounts of text.
                - Selecting lines now selects the _whole_ line.
                - Fixed bug with displaying the cursor
                - Ctrl-Home/End now move the cursor to the _absolute home/end
              * gtkmenuitem.c: Remove necessary code out of a g_return_if_fail
  3. 01 Mar, 1998 2 commits
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      gtk/gtkentry.[ch] gtk/gtktext.[ch] gtkeditable.[ch] · 2630943e
      Owen Taylor authored
      Sun Mar  1 03:20:39 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
      	* gtk/gtkentry.[ch] gtk/gtktext.[ch] gtkeditable.[ch]
      	Turned off debugging in gtktext.c
      	Bug fixes for cutting, pasting, deleting, etc.
      	Some of the bugs that were there before have definitely
      	been fixed.
      	* gtk/testgtk.c gtk/testgtkrc: Removed my ugly orange backgrounds,
      	to make things look nicer.
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      gtk/gtkentry.[ch] gtktext.c gtkeditable.[ch] · 9205edae
      Owen Taylor authored
      Sat Feb 28 23:58:54 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
      	* gtk/gtkentry.[ch] gtktext.c gtkeditable.[ch]
      	Created a new base widget type Editable for the entry and
      	text widgets, which encapsulates most of the selection and
      	clipboard handling stuff, plus some common signals.
      	Changed the Entry widget extensively to support this,
      	but the interface and appearance should be the same.
      	Changed the Text widget moderately to support this.
      	It now supports:
      	- Selection style cut and paste
      	- Clipboard style cut and paste
      	- Emacs style key bindings (~same as Entry)
      	- Word motion
      	- "changed" signal
      	There are definitely still some bugs in the new stuff.
      	* gtkfilesel.c gtkspinbutton.c testgtk.c: small changes
      	to fit the new interface more exactly.
  4. 17 Jan, 1998 1 commit
    • CST 1998 Shawn T. Amundson's avatar
      Applied patch from <lupus@lettere.unipd.it> which adds · 2e995816
      CST 1998 Shawn T. Amundson authored
      Sat Jan 17 13:26:15 CST 1998 Shawn T. Amundson <amundson@gimp.org>
              * gtk/gtkentry.[ch]:  Applied patch from <lupus@lettere.unipd.it>
                which adds gtk_entry_set_max_length function.  This was
                part of gtk-lupus-970112-0.
              * gtk/testgtk.c: Applied gtk-wille-980113-0 which fixes
                a problem with a shaped widget keeping grab forever
                when double clicked.
              * docs/gtk.texi: patch from Gregory McLean <gregm@randomc.com>
                to add some on aspect_frame, button_box, and color_selection
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  12. 07 Dec, 1997 1 commit
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      Changes to make word motion work again. · 56aae058
      Owen Taylor authored
      Cut/copy/paste via the X clipboard.
      Generalized extending selection using <Shift> to work with all types
        of motion, not just arrow keys.
      Don't change length of GtkEntry structure because of USE_XIM
  13. 27 Nov, 1997 1 commit
    • Gnome CVS User's avatar
      Patches to support internationalized input by: · dd34bcca
      Gnome CVS User authored
        Takashi Matsuda <matsu@arch.comp.kyutech.ac.jp>
        TANAKA Shinya <shinya@race.u-tokyo.ac.jp>
      See ChangeLog entries for further details.
      Also some small fixes to event handling in gdk/gdk.c; sending
      clear events in gtk/gtkselection.c and cut-and-paste in
  14. 24 Nov, 1997 1 commit