1. 13 Apr, 1998 1 commit
  2. 12 Mar, 1998 1 commit
    • Tim Janik's avatar
      applied gtk-shige-980311-0.patch.gz, which removes the erronerous · a8afd462
      Tim Janik authored
      Thu Mar 12 07:43:33 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gimp.org>
              * gdk/gdk.h:
              * gdk/gdkvisual.c: applied gtk-shige-980311-0.patch.gz, which removes
              the erronerous gdk_query_visuals() function in favour of
              gdk_list_visuals() which does a correct job.
              * gtk/gtkcontainer.h: applied gtk-draco-980311-0.patch.gz which fixes
              a class cast check.
              * gtk/gtkspinbutton.c: applied gtk-hamann_jeske-980312-0.patch.gz about
              '+' sign acceptance.
              * gtk/gtknotebook.c: applied gtk-hamann_jeske-980311-1.patch.gz which
              cares about delayed tab label creation.
  3. 08 Mar, 1998 1 commit
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      - Show selection correctly when starting selection with arrows · ab30a02e
      Owen Taylor authored
      Sun Mar  8 15:53:33 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
      	* gtk/gtktext.c:
      	- Show selection correctly when starting selection with arrows
      	- Display pixmap background only when not editable
      	- Redraw focus area more carefully to prevent flashing (and
      	  make style of drawing consistent with Entry)
      	* gtk/gtktreeitem.c: ref colormaps for pixmap by colormap
      	* gtk/gtkrc.c: Store a separate style for each RcStyle for
      	  each colormap, so we can handle background pixmaps
      	  correctly, which need to be per-colormap. (Leaks
      	  Parse text color style entries correctly.
      	* gtk/testgtk.c: insert text without fg color
      	  gtk/testgtkrc: move "*" after rest, so the other class styles
      	                 take effect
              * gdk/gdkwindow.c gdk/gdk.c gdk/gdkprivate.h: Send DND events
      	  safely, in case drop window disappears. (Performance hit
      	  because XSync()'s are necessary)
      	* gdk/gdk.h gdk/gdkpixmap.c: Added
      	  gdk_pixmap_colormap_create_from_xpm[_d] to allow creating
      	  pixmaps from xpm's before you have a GdkWindow.
  4. 02 Mar, 1998 1 commit
    • PST 1998 Shawn T. Amundson's avatar
      Required changes for version change to 0.99.4 · f6f1ce01
      PST 1998 Shawn T. Amundson authored
      Sun Mar  1 15:18:38 PST 1998 Shawn T. Amundson <amundson@gimp.org>
              * Required changes for version change to 0.99.4
              * gtk/gtktree.[ch]: patch from J. Bolliet to correct some bugs
              * gtk/testgtk.c: added test here from J. Bolliet, removed testtree
              * gtk/clist: gtk-abilleira-981602-0, allows gtk_clist_set_pixmap
                and gtk_clist_set_pixtext to not require a mask
              * gdk/gdkdraw.c,gdk.h: gtk-trow-980217-0
                adds gdk_draw_lines and fixes some things about
  5. 28 Feb, 1998 1 commit
    • Tim Janik's avatar
      fix behavior of gtk_preview_put() with srcx/srcy != 0, · 8a19c2a1
      Tim Janik authored
      Sat Feb 28 15:18:36 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gimp.org>
              * gtk/gtkpreview.c: fix behavior of gtk_preview_put() with
              srcx/srcy != 0, gtk-shige-980127-0.patch.gz by
              AOSASA Shigeru <aozasa@sakuranet.or.jp>.
              * gdk: applied gtk-roebling-980121-0.patch.gz, patch for region
              support in Gdk, by Robert Roebling <roebling@ruf.uni-freiburg.de>.
  6. 27 Feb, 1998 1 commit
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      new functions for setting WM hints · 473c1d4d
      Owen Taylor authored
      Thu Feb 26 22:36:46 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
      	* gdk/gdkwindow.c gdktypes.c gdk.h:
      	new functions for setting WM hints
      	* gdk/MwmUtil.h: new uninstalled header file from lesstif
      	distribution, used for setting MWM hints.
      	* gdk/gdkdnd.c Makefile.am: renamed from gdk/gdk_dnd.c
  7. 26 Feb, 1998 1 commit
  8. 19 Feb, 1998 2 commits
    • Manish Singh's avatar
      gdk_get_debug_level doesn't exist anymore · 132f17fa
      Manish Singh authored
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      configure.in gdk/gdk.[ch] gdk/gdkcc.c gdk/gdkglobals.c · fc7e845c
      Owen Taylor authored
      Thu Feb 19 01:11:48 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
      	* configure.in         gdk/gdk.[ch]         gdk/gdkcc.c
      	  gdk/gdkglobals.c     gdk/gdkinputcommon.h gdk/gdkprivate.h
      	  gdk/gdkvisual.c      glib/configure.in    glib/glib.h
      	  glib/gutils.c        gtk/Makefile.am      gtk/gtkmain.c
      	  gtk/gtkobject.[ch]   gtk/gtkdebug.h       docs/debugging.txt
      	New system for controlling debugging:
      	* --enable-debug=[no/yes/minimum]
      	* G_NO_CHECK_CASTS to control cast checking
      	* G_ENABLE_DEBUG enables run time checking which controls:
      	    Object tracing
      	    Showing events
      	    Miscellaneous g_print's in GDK
      	  And is controlled by --gdk-debug/GDK_DEBUG, --gtk-debug/GTK_DEBUG
              * debug_level and show_events are gone from GTK
      	See docs/debugging.txt for details.
      	And some fixups to the configure.in's so '-g' can be
      	overriden on the command line for --enable-debug
  9. 13 Feb, 1998 1 commit
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      gtk/gtksignal.[ch] gtk/gtkmain.[ch] gtk/gtkcontainer.[ch] · 888470ee
      Owen Taylor authored
      Thu Feb 12 23:59:49 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
      	* gtk/gtksignal.[ch] gtk/gtkmain.[ch] gtk/gtkcontainer.[ch]
      	  gtk/gtkselection.[ch] gdk/gdk.[ch] gtktypeutils.h
       	  Replaced all _interp functions with _full functions.
      	  (_interp functions left in for compatibility until 0.99.5).
      	  Difference: _full functions take _both_ a C-language callback and a
      	  marshaller, and simply ignore the C-language callback
      	  if the marshaller is present. This allows the destroy notification
      	  to be used without marshalling.
      	  gtk_selection_add_handler[_full]() regularized to agree
      	  with other callbacks.
      	  Also, added gtk_input_add_full() to the header file.
      	  (gtk_input_add_interp() was never there)
      	* gtk/gtkmain.[ch] gtk/gtkwidget.c: Idle functions are now prioritized.
      	  Added new function gtk_idle_add_priority to create
      	  an idle with a specified priority (default is zero)
      	  constants #defined - GTK_PRIORITY_[HIGH/INTERNAL/DEFAULT/LOW]
      	  (redraws, resizes run at GTK_PRIORITY_INTERNAL)
      	* gtk/gtkentry.c gtk/testselection.c: changes to keep up with change
        	  to gtkselection.c.
  10. 30 Jan, 1998 1 commit
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  20. 27 Nov, 1997 1 commit
    • Gnome CVS User's avatar
      Patches to support internationalized input by: · dd34bcca
      Gnome CVS User authored
        Takashi Matsuda <matsu@arch.comp.kyutech.ac.jp>
        TANAKA Shinya <shinya@race.u-tokyo.ac.jp>
      See ChangeLog entries for further details.
      Also some small fixes to event handling in gdk/gdk.c; sending
      clear events in gtk/gtkselection.c and cut-and-paste in
  21. 24 Nov, 1997 1 commit