1. 13 Oct, 2010 7 commits
  2. 12 Oct, 2010 29 commits
  3. 11 Oct, 2010 4 commits
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      GtkWindow: Allow setting size from geometry · a4a7a611
      Owen W. Taylor authored
      If you set a geometry widget via gtk_window_set_geometry_hints() it
      becomes very hard to compute appropriate toplevel sizes in pixels
      to make the window a particular size. Synthesizing strings and passing
      them to gtk_window_parse_geometry() is possible, but to avoid
      avoid such ugliness, add functions:
      That act like gtk_window_set_default_size() and
      gtk_window_resize() but are in terms of the resize increments of the
      geometry widget.
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      Warn when calling gtk_window_parse_geometry() on an empty window · 519d7587
      Owen W. Taylor authored
      gtk_window_parse_geometry() gets the size of the window in order
      to interpret the position of the window; calling it before, say,
      calling gtk_widget_show_all() on a window is a subtle trap, so
      add a warning in the case we can easily detect.
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      Fix handling of the geometry widget · 88cf5470
      Owen W. Taylor authored
      The geometry widget feature of gtk_window_set_geometry_hints() has
      never really worked right because the calculation that GTK+ did to
      compute the base size of the window only worked when the geometry
      widget had a larger minimum size than anything else in the window.
      * Move the GtkSizeGroup private functions to a new private header
      * Add the possibilty to pass flags to _gtk_size_group_queue_resize(),
        with the flag GTK_QUEUE_RESIZE_INVALIDATE_ONLY to suppress adding
        the widget's toplevel to the resize queue.
      * _gtk_container_resize_invalidate() is added to implement that feature
      * _gtk_widget_override_size_request()/_gtk_widget_restore_size_request()
        allow temporarily forcing a large minimum size on the geometry
        widget without creating resize loops.
      * Compute the extra width/height around the geometry widget
        correctly; print a warning if the computation fails.
      * Always make the minimum size at least the natural minimum
        size of the toplevel; GTK+ now fails badly with underallocation.
      * Always set the base size hint; we were failing to set it
        properly when the specified minimum size was overriden, but
        it's harmless to always set it.
      * New test 'testgeometry' that replaces the 'gridded geometry' test
        from testgtk. The new test is roughly similar but creates a bunch
        of windows showing different possibilities.
      * The testgtk test is removed. No need to have both.
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