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    • Benjamin Otte's avatar
    • Benjamin Otte's avatar
      Move GtkSizeRequest into GtkWidget · d9c92598
      Benjamin Otte authored
      It doesn't make sense to keep them separate as GtkSizeRequest requires a
      GtkWidget and GtkWidget implements GtkSizeRequest, so you can never have
      one without the other.
      It also makes the code a lot easier because no casts are required when
      calling functions.
      Also, the names would translate to gtk_widget_get_width() and people
      agreed that this would be a too generic name, so a "preferred" was added
      to the names.
      So this patch moves the functions:
      gtk_size_request_get_request_mode() => gtk_widget_get_request_mode()
      gtk_size_request_get_width() => gtk_widget_get_preferred_width()
      gtk_size_request_get_height() => gtk_widget_get_preferred_height()
      gtk_size_request_get_size() => gtk_widget_get_preferred_size()
      gtk_size_request_get_width_for_height() =>
      gtk_size_request_get_height_for_width() =>
      ... and moves the corresponding vfuncs to the GtkWidgetClass.
      The patch also renames the implementations of the vfuncs in widgets to
      include the word "preferrred".
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    • Benjamin Otte's avatar
      API: Rename gtk_cairo_paint_*() to gtk_paint_*() · 1d3f6b30
      Benjamin Otte authored
      Large patch, but just renaming.
      Indentation should still mostly be correct because I took care of
      keeping the indentation for this function name.
    • Benjamin Otte's avatar
      spinbutton: Port to draw vfunc · 5228913f
      Benjamin Otte authored
    • Benjamin Otte's avatar
      gtk: Don't set colormap anymore when creating GDK windows · e8a6bad0
      Benjamin Otte authored
      Colormaps are about to be removed, so not using them sounds like an
      awesome idea.
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    • Colin Walters's avatar
      GDK: Prefix key names with KEY_ · 913cdf3b
      Colin Walters authored
      The keysyms create a lot of potential namespace conflicts for
      C, and are especially problematic for introspection, where we take
      constants into the namespace, so GDK_Display conflicts with GdkDisplay.
      For C application compatiblity, add gdkkeysyms-compat.h which uses
      the old names.
      Just one user in GTK+ continues to use gdkkeysyms-compat.h, which is
      the gtkimcontextsimple.c, since porting that requires porting more
      custom Perl code.
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      Completely removed requisition cache from GtkWidget instance structure. · 99340074
      Tristan Van Berkom authored
      Since we have a new mechanism for requesting sizes: GtkSizeRequestIface;
      it makes no sense to maintain this cache on the GtkWidget structure...
      removing the requisition cache however does not break the old "size-request"
      signal which is there for backwards compatability reasons.
      In any case widget->requisition should not have been accessed,
      gtk_widget_get_child_requisition() would have been the correct way
      to consult the cache.
      This commit also deprecates the newly added gtk_widget_get_requisition()
      API and makes it fallback on gtk_size_request_get_size().
  12. 02 Sep, 2010 1 commit
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      Remove ::state-hint use · ece148ee
      Matthias Clasen authored
      This use of the property was overlooked when it was removed.
      We now always behave as if state-hint == TRUE.
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    • Javier Jardón's avatar
      Revert "Forward-port a GtkAdjustment compatibility fix" · b18b33ae
      Javier Jardón authored
      In the early 2.14.x releases, GtkAdjustment was changed to enforce
      that values are restricted to the range [lower, upper - page_size].
      This has always been the documented behaviour, and the recommended
      practice is to set page_size to 0 when using adjustments for simple
      scalar values, like in a slider or spin button.
      Due to the large number of applications that are affected by this
      change, the behaviour has been reverted to the old behaviour in
      2.14.3, with an explicit warning that this change will be
      reintroduced in 2.90.
      This reverts commit e6373738.
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