1. 13 Jun, 2014 9 commits
  2. 12 Jun, 2014 14 commits
  3. 11 Jun, 2014 14 commits
  4. 10 Jun, 2014 3 commits
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      stylecontext: Get rid of StyleData struct · 200bdf1a
      Benjamin Otte authored
      It's now just a GtkCssComputedValues + refcount. And
      GtkCssComputedValues has its own refcount, so use that one instead.
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      stylecontext: Move property cache · 57c4f01e
      Benjamin Otte authored
      ... from per style data to only existing once per style context. This is
      technically an API break because it no longer allows getting different
      style properties between save()/restore() pairs, but I don't think this
      was ever intended to work that way, as the style property API was to be
      used and is used via gtk_widget_get_style().
      And it simplifies code a lot.
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      docs: Remove unused variable · 6f2eb1d6
      Benjamin Otte authored