1. 19 Jan, 2016 2 commits
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      gdk: Add gdk_drag_get_cursor() · ed5da43a
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      This function (most similar to gtk_drag_get_cursor() helps figure out
      the right cursor that applies to a given action. To be used by the
      various backends.
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      gdk: Allow internal management of source-side DnD · edc4374a
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      We've traditionally left GTK+ to handle the input side of things,
      letting GDK only manage the windowing-specific messaging. This
      way of splitting responsibilities is not compatible however with
      some backends, we must fold then input management at the DnD stage
      into GDK (and backends) domain.
      The gdk_drag_context_manage_dnd() call is meant to be the entry
      point for this mode of operation, if the drag and drop operation
      becomes managed, the caller (i.e. gtkdnd.c) doesn't need to perform
      grabs, nor manage input events itself.
      As a consequence of this, different aspects now belong to the
      backend GdkDragContext implementation:
      - Because the caller doesn't see keyboard events anymore,
        keyboard navigation must be managed in GDK, so is the decision
        of the current action based on modifiers/button pressed.
      - Because the caller won't see input events in general, the lifetime
        of the drag and drop operation is now communicated through the
        ::drop-performed, ::dnd-finished and ::cancel events
      - Because the caller doesn't participate anymore on the action
        being chosen, the pointer cursor must be set by the backend.
        The caller is rather notified of the final action through the
        ::action signal.
      The caller is still responsible of dealing with the corresponding
      GdkSelection, ensuring its ownership and communicating the supported
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