1. 07 Dec, 2015 4 commits
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      Avoid ugly seams on half-tiled terminals · f7cc4abb
      Matthias Clasen authored
      Since we're no longer doing geometry widgets, don't send
      base size and increments to the window manager anymore either.
      This avoids an ugly 2 pixel gap to the right and bottom of half-tiled
      terminals under gnome-shell.
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      accel cellrenderer: Fix rendering · 88c4d069
      Matthias Clasen authored
      We were getting the "New Accelerator" text mixed with the
      content of the underlying cell, since plain labels don't
      have a background. Go back to putting the label in selected
      state, and fix the theme to render that white-on-blue. This
      was lost when we switched to using a selection sub-node.
    • Erika's avatar
      Correct annotations for gtk_cell_layout_get_area · 05dd21be
      Erika authored
      The function can return NULL.
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      inspector: Redo the CSS node page · 326f4739
      Matthias Clasen authored
      Showing two lists in a paned was a bit awkward, and space was
      getting too limited. Go back to showing just the node list at
      first, and make the CSS properties available via a stack. At
      the same time, add a right-click context menu to the node list
      to make the name and class editing more easily available.
  2. 06 Dec, 2015 5 commits
  3. 05 Dec, 2015 15 commits
  4. 04 Dec, 2015 16 commits