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    Get rid of the rest of variables exported from libgtk · 87141cf4
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    Especially the gtk_*_type ones in gtktexttypes.h were mentioned in
    gtk.symbols presumably by accident. That header isn't even installed,
    so no way can they be supposed to be public.
    gtk_text_attr_appearance_type is from the installed but "semi-private"
    gtktextlayout.h, so drop that one too from gtk.symbols for now.
    The use of gtk_text_unknown_char_utf8 is bit of a mess. Code in a few
    files knew implicitly that it is three bytes. Define a symbolic name
    for the length of it instead. Add an exported function
    gtk_text_unknown_char_utf8_gtk_tests_only() that returns a pointer to
    it just for the sake of gtk/tests/textbuffer.c. Prefix the variable
    with an underscore.
    I doubt the usefulness of the test_utf8() in textbuffer.c. If it could
    be dropped, gtk_text_unknown_char_utf8_gtk_tests_only() could be
    dropped, too.
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