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    Removed tons of api that we dont absolutely need in GtkCellAreaContext: · 5f7787ab
    Tristan Van Berkom authored
      - gtk_cell_area_context_get_height_for_width()
      - gtk_cell_area_context_get_width_for_height()
      - gtk_cell_area_context_push_height_for_width()
      - gtk_cell_area_context_push_width_for_height()
      - gtk_cell_area_context_flush_height_for_width()
      - gtk_cell_area_context_flush_width_for_height()
      - Contextual size changed signal
    All of these are not really important for the CellArea to operate
    and not of any real consequential value to the user (the user can
    accumulate the returned values from height-for-width requests
    and do as they please with it).
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