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    Move GtkSizeRequest into GtkWidget · d9c92598
    Benjamin Otte authored
    It doesn't make sense to keep them separate as GtkSizeRequest requires a
    GtkWidget and GtkWidget implements GtkSizeRequest, so you can never have
    one without the other.
    It also makes the code a lot easier because no casts are required when
    calling functions.
    Also, the names would translate to gtk_widget_get_width() and people
    agreed that this would be a too generic name, so a "preferred" was added
    to the names.
    So this patch moves the functions:
    gtk_size_request_get_request_mode() => gtk_widget_get_request_mode()
    gtk_size_request_get_width() => gtk_widget_get_preferred_width()
    gtk_size_request_get_height() => gtk_widget_get_preferred_height()
    gtk_size_request_get_size() => gtk_widget_get_preferred_size()
    gtk_size_request_get_width_for_height() =>
    gtk_size_request_get_height_for_width() =>
    ... and moves the corresponding vfuncs to the GtkWidgetClass.
    The patch also renames the implementations of the vfuncs in widgets to
    include the word "preferrred".
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