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    Add signals for offscreen window embedding · e1b52da0
    Alexander Larsson authored
    3 signals are for offscreen windows
    get-offscreen-parent: Get the parent window an offscreen is embedded in
    to-parent: Convert coordinates from offscreen to parent
    from-parent: Convert coordinates from parent to offscreen
    1 signal is for the window embedding offscreens:
    pick-offscreen-child: This picks what (if any) offscreen is at a specific position
    The last signal is only used if you call gdk_window_set_has_offscreen_children
    to tell gdk that the window has embedded offscreen children.
    Add get-pointer signal for offscreen window pointer getting
    Apps using offscreen windows can connect to get-pointer on offscreen
    windows in order to make gdk_window_get_pointer() return correct
    Add get-offscreen-parent signal
    Add signals for from-parent and to-parent coordinate mapping
    Add pick-offscreen-child signal
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