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    gtktable: don't try to propagate expand related child props in compute_expand() · a72f1c76
    Christoph Reiter authored
    It tried to set the expand state if either xexpand/yexpand where true.
    Due to a missing queue_compute_expand when adding a child it actually
    only computed the expand state in case a child queued after being added
    or in case a child had the expand property set (see optimization in
    In my case this broke layouts as a child of GtkCombBox started setting
    an exand flag with 3.20 which queued a compute_expand, which in turn
    propagated an expand child props set for a cell in the same table up
    and overrode the expand child prop of a parent GtkBox.
    This removes the custom compute_expand implementation to match the
    behaviour of GtkBox (don't propagate child prop expand flags
    but let child expand flags override the child props) and not get random
    expand behaviour depending on whether and when child widgets set their
    expand state.