Commit 056ddf25 authored by Andreas Pokorny's avatar Andreas Pokorny Committed by William Hua

Fix execution of dialog

When a dialog is created, the mir event source is already executed on the
call stack. So without the recurse flag it will not be run in the main loop
used for the dialog.
parent 4e418ed7
......@@ -725,8 +725,14 @@ _gdk_mir_event_source_new (GdkDisplay *display)
GdkMirEventSource *source;
GSource *g_source;
char *name;
g_source = g_source_new (&gdk_mir_event_source_funcs, sizeof (GdkMirEventSource));
name = g_strdup_printf ("GDK Mir Event source (%s)", gdk_display_get_name (display));
g_source_set_name (g_source, name);
g_free (name);
g_source_set_priority (g_source, GDK_PRIORITY_EVENTS);
g_source_set_can_recurse (g_source, TRUE);
g_source_attach (g_source, NULL);
source = (GdkMirEventSource *) g_source;
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