Commit 0f3396d7 authored by Daniel Boles's avatar Daniel Boles

FileChooserWidget: Fix leaks in .get_subtitle()

Now that subtitle's default value "Searching" for OPERATION_MODE_SEARCH
is duplicated as it should be, we cannot reassign other strings to it
anymore, as that resulted in the original dupe of "Searching" leaking.

Fix this by only assigning the dup'd "Searching" after trying to get
more specific values, not before. We therefore need to set it to NULL
during its declaration, and that means we needn't in the final else.
parent 9d8fadee
......@@ -3265,14 +3265,12 @@ static gchar *
gtk_file_chooser_widget_get_subtitle (GtkFileChooserWidget *impl)
GtkFileChooserWidgetPrivate *priv = impl->priv;
gchar *subtitle;
gchar *subtitle = NULL;
if (priv->operation_mode == OPERATION_MODE_SEARCH)
gchar *location;
subtitle = g_strdup (_("Searching"));
location = gtk_places_sidebar_get_location_title (GTK_PLACES_SIDEBAR (priv->places_sidebar));
if (location)
......@@ -3294,6 +3292,9 @@ gtk_file_chooser_widget_get_subtitle (GtkFileChooserWidget *impl)
g_object_unref (info);
if (subtitle == NULL)
subtitle = g_strdup (_("Searching"));
else if (priv->operation_mode == OPERATION_MODE_ENTER_LOCATION ||
(priv->operation_mode == OPERATION_MODE_BROWSE &&
......@@ -3304,10 +3305,6 @@ gtk_file_chooser_widget_get_subtitle (GtkFileChooserWidget *impl)
subtitle = g_strdup (_("Enter location or URL"));
subtitle = NULL;
return subtitle;
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