Commit 1d506577 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

GtkProgressBar: Implement new AtkValue interface

The AtkValue interface has been replaced in ATK 2.12.
Implement the new one in addition to the old one.
parent 98affc68
......@@ -100,10 +100,32 @@ gtk_progress_bar_accessible_get_minimum_value (AtkValue *obj,
g_value_set_double (value, 0.0);
static void
gtk_progress_bar_accessible_get_value_and_text (AtkValue *obj,
gdouble *value,
gchar **text)
GtkWidget *widget;
widget = gtk_accessible_get_widget (GTK_ACCESSIBLE (obj));
*value = gtk_progress_bar_get_fraction (GTK_PROGRESS_BAR (widget));
*text = NULL;
static AtkRange *
gtk_progress_bar_accessible_get_range (AtkValue *obj)
return atk_range_new (0.0, 1.0, NULL);
static void
atk_value_interface_init (AtkValueIface *iface)
iface->get_current_value = gtk_progress_bar_accessible_get_current_value;
iface->get_maximum_value = gtk_progress_bar_accessible_get_maximum_value;
iface->get_minimum_value = gtk_progress_bar_accessible_get_minimum_value;
iface->get_value_and_text = gtk_progress_bar_accessible_get_value_and_text;
iface->get_range = gtk_progress_bar_accessible_get_range;
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