Commit 30cdab13 authored by Javier Jardon's avatar Javier Jardon

docs: Add docs about how to get a GtkDevice

parent 55ca24d1
......@@ -1044,7 +1044,10 @@ get_native_grab_event_mask (GdkEventMask grab_mask)
* gdk_device_grab:
* @device: a #GdkDevice
* @device: a #GdkDevice. To get the device you can use gtk_get_current_event_device()
* or gdk_event_get_device() if the grab is in reaction to an event. Also, you can use
* gdk_device_manager_get_client_pointer() but only in code that isn't triggered by a
* #GdkEvent and there aren't other means to get a meaningful #GdkDevice to operate on.
* @window: the #GdkWindow which will own the grab (the grab window)
* @grab_ownership: specifies the grab ownership.
* @owner_events: if %FALSE then all device events are reported with respect to
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