Commit 4050abe2 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Plug a memory leak

GtkCssProvider was using the wrong unref function for GtkCssKeyframe
objects. Funnily, this didn't crash at all, the refcount was at the
same place in the struct - it just didn't free all the memory, causing
valgrind to complain.
parent 048d710d
......@@ -1586,7 +1586,7 @@ gtk_css_provider_init (GtkCssProvider *css_provider)
(GDestroyNotify) _gtk_css_value_unref);
priv->keyframes = g_hash_table_new_full (g_str_hash, g_str_equal,
(GDestroyNotify) g_free,
(GDestroyNotify) _gtk_css_value_unref);
(GDestroyNotify) _gtk_css_keyframes_unref);
static void
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