Commit 52ea7215 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

togglebutton: always set PRELIGHT state when in_button = TRUE

Previously, we would avoid setting the prelight state flag when
button_down was TRUE and draw_indicator = FALSE, which is the normal
case of a GtkToggleButton during a mouse press.
It looks like this behavior was introduced a long time ago with commit
b94e6c0a. I believe the reason was that
a widget in GTK2 couldn't have more than a single state (e.g.
hover+active) at a given moment.
parent 1ad25dfb
......@@ -644,7 +644,7 @@ gtk_toggle_button_update_state (GtkButton *button)
depressed = priv->active;
if (button->priv->in_button && (!button->priv->button_down || priv->draw_indicator))
if (button->priv->in_button)
if (depressed)
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