Commit 56c6c722 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

GtkPlug: Avoid gdk_device_manager_get_client_pointer()

It's now deprecated
parent 3d516449
......@@ -954,9 +954,9 @@ gtk_plug_filter_func (GdkXEvent *gdk_xevent,
case KeyRelease:
GdkModifierType state, consumed;
GdkDeviceManager *device_manager;
GdkDevice *pointer, *keyboard;
GdkDevice *keyboard;
GdkKeymap *keymap;
GdkSeat *seat;
if (xevent->type == KeyPress)
event->key.type = GDK_KEY_PRESS;
......@@ -970,9 +970,8 @@ gtk_plug_filter_func (GdkXEvent *gdk_xevent,
event->key.hardware_keycode = xevent->xkey.keycode;
event->key.keyval = GDK_KEY_VoidSymbol;
device_manager = gdk_display_get_device_manager (display);
pointer = gdk_device_manager_get_client_pointer (device_manager);
keyboard = gdk_device_get_associated_device (pointer);
seat = gdk_display_get_default_seat (display);
keyboard = gdk_seat_get_keyboard (seat);
gdk_event_set_device (event, keyboard);
keymap = gdk_keymap_get_for_display (display);
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