Commit 598163e5 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

menubutton: set DROPDOWN_MENU hint on the menu toplevel

So the WM can render the menu shadows correctly, omitting the top side,
in the common case the menu is rendered down from a toolbar.
parent 5a5c3309
......@@ -147,6 +147,10 @@ menu_position_down_func (GtkMenu *menu,
GdkScreen *screen;
GdkWindow *window;
GtkAllocation allocation, arrow_allocation;
GtkWidget *toplevel;
toplevel = gtk_widget_get_toplevel (GTK_WIDGET (priv->menu));
gtk_window_set_type_hint (GTK_WINDOW (toplevel), GDK_WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_DROPDOWN_MENU);
gtk_widget_get_preferred_size (GTK_WIDGET (priv->menu),
&menu_req, NULL);
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