Commit 5c700cf5 authored by Daniel Boles's avatar Daniel Boles

gdkseatdefault: Grab touch events where applicable

gdk_seat_default_grab() grabs POINTER_EVENTS if the capability is
GDK_SEAT_CAPABILITY_ALL_POINTING. But that enumerator is a union that
includes GDK_SEAT_CAPABILITY_TOUCH, but we never grabbed TOUCH_EVENTS,
an unused macro that was presumably created with this purpose in mind.

So, check which of the ALL_POINTING capabilities we have, and set the
right mask of POINTER_EVENTS and/or TOUCH_EVENTS as required.

As part of this, explicitly let TABLET_STYLUS take over pointer events,
as this is the intended behaviour and was the effective result before.

This should fix touch events being lost in migrating from Device.grab()
to Seat.grab(GDK_SEAT_CAPABILITY_ALL_POINTING), as found by Inkscape.
parent f6eb767c
......@@ -132,9 +132,22 @@ gdk_seat_default_grab (GdkSeat *seat,
/* ALL_POINTING spans 3 capabilities; get the mask for the ones we have */
GdkEventMask pointer_evmask = 0;
/* We let tablet styli take over the pointer cursor */
if (capabilities & (GDK_SEAT_CAPABILITY_POINTER |
pointer_evmask |= POINTER_EVENTS;
if (capabilities & GDK_SEAT_CAPABILITY_TOUCH)
pointer_evmask |= TOUCH_EVENTS;
status = gdk_device_grab (priv->master_pointer, window,
GDK_OWNERSHIP_NONE, owner_events,
pointer_evmask, cursor,
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