Switch to OPERATION_MODE_BROWSE when switching to volume or file shortcuts

Signed-off-by: default avatarFederico Mena Quintero <federico@gnome.org>
parent ff95a79d
......@@ -9811,6 +9811,8 @@ shortcuts_activate_iter (GtkFileChooserDefault *impl,
volume = col_data;
operation_mode_set (impl, OPERATION_MODE_BROWSE);
shortcuts_activate_volume (impl, volume);
else if (shortcut_type == SHORTCUT_TYPE_FILE)
......@@ -9818,6 +9820,8 @@ shortcuts_activate_iter (GtkFileChooserDefault *impl,
struct ShortcutsActivateData *data;
GtkFileSystemVolume *volume;
operation_mode_set (impl, OPERATION_MODE_BROWSE);
volume = _gtk_file_system_get_volume_for_file (impl->file_system, col_data);
data = g_new0 (struct ShortcutsActivateData, 1);
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