Commit 81e76746 authored by Ryan Lortie's avatar Ryan Lortie

GtkActionHelper: two small fixups in _set_target_value()

First, ensure we always consume floating values, as documented.

Second (and more serious), don't try to query the action if the
action name is not set yet.  This will cause crashes...
parent c5f1dede
......@@ -523,7 +523,10 @@ gtk_action_helper_set_action_target_value (GtkActionHelper *helper,
if (target_value && helper->target && g_variant_equal (target_value, helper->target))
g_variant_unref (g_variant_ref_sink (target_value));
if (helper->target)
......@@ -534,6 +537,10 @@ gtk_action_helper_set_action_target_value (GtkActionHelper *helper,
if (target_value)
helper->target = g_variant_ref_sink (target_value);
/* The action_name has not yet been set. Don't do anything yet. */
if (helper->action_name == NULL)
was_enabled = helper->enabled;
was_active = helper->active;
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