Commit 9ca9fcca authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

GtkSpinButton: Set the screen on the panel contexts

Failure to do so results in custom styling leaking through in
the inspector. This is pretty obvious, now that the inspector
is using a separate display connection and is generally isolated
from style changes.
parent f88a5dc8
......@@ -906,7 +906,7 @@ gtk_spin_button_panel_get_state (GtkSpinButton *spin_button,
static GtkStyleContext *
gtk_spin_button_panel_get_context (GtkSpinButton *spin_button,
GdkWindow *panel)
GdkWindow *panel)
GtkSpinButtonPrivate *priv = spin_button->priv;
GtkStyleContext **contextp;
......@@ -921,6 +921,7 @@ gtk_spin_button_panel_get_context (GtkSpinButton *spin_button,
panel == priv->down_panel);
gtk_style_context_set_screen (*contextp, gtk_widget_get_screen (GTK_WIDGET (spin_button)));
gtk_style_context_set_state (*contextp, gtk_spin_button_panel_get_state (spin_button, panel));
return *contextp;
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