Commit c94993e2 authored by Jason Gerecke's avatar Jason Gerecke Committed by Carlos Garnacho

wayland: Add support for BTN_STYLUS3

BTN_STYLUS3 is defined by the Linux 4.15 kernel and is sent when the
third button on a stylus is pressed. At the moment, only Wacom's "Pro
Pen 3D" has three stylus buttons. Pressing this button triggers a button
8 event to be sent under X11, so we use the same mapping here.
parent 60750b3f
......@@ -46,6 +46,10 @@
#define BUTTON_BASE (BTN_LEFT - 1) /* Used to translate to 1-indexed buttons */
#ifndef BTN_STYLUS3
#define BTN_STYLUS3 0x149 /* Linux 4.15 */
typedef struct _GdkWaylandDevicePad GdkWaylandDevicePad;
typedef struct _GdkWaylandDevicePadClass GdkWaylandDevicePadClass;
......@@ -3819,6 +3823,8 @@ tablet_tool_handle_button (void *data,
else if (button == BTN_STYLUS2)
else if (button == BTN_STYLUS3)
n_button = 8; /* Back */
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