Commit cbc4416c authored by Tristan Van Berkom's avatar Tristan Van Berkom

Removing the height_for_width vfuncs on GtkCellAreaContextClass which I forgot to remove.

parent e21c224f
......@@ -55,22 +55,14 @@ struct _GtkCellAreaContextClass
/* Subclasses can use this to flush their alignments/allocations */
void (* flush_preferred_width) (GtkCellAreaContext *context);
void (* flush_preferred_height_for_width) (GtkCellAreaContext *context,
gint width);
void (* flush_preferred_height) (GtkCellAreaContext *context);
void (* flush_preferred_width_for_height) (GtkCellAreaContext *context,
gint height);
void (* flush_allocation) (GtkCellAreaContext *context);
/* These must be invoked after a series of requests before consulting
* the context values, implementors use this to push the overall
* requests while acconting for any internal alignments */
void (* sum_preferred_width) (GtkCellAreaContext *context);
void (* sum_preferred_height_for_width) (GtkCellAreaContext *context,
gint width);
void (* sum_preferred_height) (GtkCellAreaContext *context);
void (* sum_preferred_width_for_height) (GtkCellAreaContext *context,
gint height);
/* Store an allocation value for a GtkCellArea contextual to a range of
* treemodel rows */
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