Commit d7715695 authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos

Save PageSetup into print settings file used by the print previewer

Fixes bug #578271
parent 5261d14d
......@@ -183,6 +183,10 @@ _gtk_print_operation_platform_backend_launch_preview (GtkPrintOperation *op,
gchar *preview_cmd;
GtkSettings *settings;
GtkPrintSettings *print_settings;
GtkPageSetup *page_setup;
GKeyFile *key_file = NULL;
gchar *data = NULL;
gsize data_len;
gchar *settings_filename = NULL;
gchar *quoted_filename;
gchar *quoted_settings_filename;
......@@ -204,10 +208,19 @@ _gtk_print_operation_platform_backend_launch_preview (GtkPrintOperation *op,
if (fd < 0)
goto out;
key_file = g_key_file_new ();
print_settings = gtk_print_operation_get_print_settings (op);
retval = gtk_print_settings_to_file (print_settings, settings_filename, &error);
close (fd);
gtk_print_settings_to_key_file (print_settings, key_file, NULL);
page_setup = gtk_print_context_get_page_setup (op->priv->print_context);
gtk_page_setup_to_key_file (page_setup, key_file, NULL);
data = g_key_file_to_data (key_file, &data_len, &error);
if (!data)
goto out;
retval = g_file_set_contents (settings_filename, data, data_len, &error);
if (!retval)
goto out;
......@@ -259,6 +272,12 @@ _gtk_print_operation_platform_backend_launch_preview (GtkPrintOperation *op,
if (!settings_used)
g_unlink (settings_filename);
if (fd > 0)
close (fd);
if (key_file)
g_key_file_free (key_file);
g_free (data);
g_free (settings_filename);
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