placessidebar: show Computer item when not in Other Locations

Previous commits removed from places sidebar the code related
to displaying the Computer item, which should be shown when
the sidebar is not displaying the Other Locations item.

Add back the item when the sidebar is not in Other Locations'
parent ee73e27f
......@@ -1133,6 +1133,19 @@ update_places (GtkPlacesSidebar *sidebar)
g_list_free (volumes);
/* file system root */
if (!sidebar->show_other_locations)
mount_uri = "file:///"; /* No need to strdup */
icon = g_themed_icon_new_with_default_fallbacks (ICON_NAME_FILESYSTEM);
add_place (sidebar, PLACES_BUILT_IN,
sidebar->hostname, icon, mount_uri,
_("Open the contents of the file system"));
g_object_unref (icon);
/* add mounts that has no volume (/etc/mtab mounts, ftp, sftp,...) */
mounts = g_volume_monitor_get_mounts (sidebar->volume_monitor);
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