Commit f08eeeca authored by Daniel Boles's avatar Daniel Boles

ListBox: Avoid ::row-activated/Row::activate ambig

…uity, by adding a doc comment to Row::activate explaining what it does
and why it is probably not what the user reading that is looking for.
parent f7a47a63
......@@ -3872,6 +3872,16 @@ gtk_list_box_row_class_init (GtkListBoxRowClass *klass)
klass->activate = gtk_list_box_row_activate;
* GtkListBoxRow::activate:
* This is a keybinding signal, which will cause this row to be activated.
* If you want to be notified when the user activates a row (by key or not),
* use the #GtkListBox::row-activated signal on the row’s parent #GtkListBox.
* Since: 3.10
row_signals[ROW__ACTIVATE] =
g_signal_new (I_("activate"),
G_OBJECT_CLASS_TYPE (object_class),
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