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      Update for the new API of the profiler. · b4f52020
      Federico Mena Quintero authored
      2005-07-28  Federico Mena Quintero  <federico@ximian.com>
      	* perf/README: Update for the new API of the profiler.
      	* perf/gtkwidgetprofiler.[ch]: New files with a widget profiler
      	object.  This is the old content of timers.[ch] turned into a nice
      	object, with signals for creation and reporting.  The profiler
      	needs to maintain some state when reusing the widget, so it's
      	useful to turn it into a real object.
      	Break down timing show_all into GTK_WIDGET_PROFILER_REPORT_MAP and
      	* perf/main.c: Refactor to use GtkWidgetProfiler.
      	* perf/appwindow.c (content_area_new): Make this just create a
      	notebook, instead of a complex arrangement of panes.
      	* perf/widgets.h: New header file for all the "create a widget"
      	utility functions.
      	* perf/treeview.c: New file.  Moved the tree view part from
      	appwindow.c over to here; GtkTreeView really needs its own tests.
      	(tree_view_new): Set the shadow type to IN.
      	* perf/textview.c: Likewise moved over from appwindow.c, but for
      	(text_view_new): Set the shadow type to IN.
      	* perf/Makefile.am (testperf_SOURCES): Add the new source files;
      	remove appwindow.h and timers.[ch].
      	* perf/timers.[ch]: Removed.
      	* perf/appwindow.h: Removed.