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    • Christian Dywan's avatar
      Deprecate flag macros for toplevel, state, no window and composite child · bb1824c1
      Christian Dywan authored
      Deprecate widget flag macros GTK_WIDGET_STATE, GTK_WIDGET_SAVED_STATE,
      Also deprecate the type macros GTK_WIDGET_TYPE, GTK_OBJECT_TYPE_NAME and
      GTK_OBJECT_TYPE which have become redundant.
      Instances of GTK_WIDGET_TOPLEVEL are replaced with gtk_widget_is_toplevel,
      is replaced with use of the "composite-child" property and uses of
      GTK_WIDGET_NO_WINDOW are adjusted to use gtk_widget_get_has_window.
      Uses of GTK_WIDGET_SAVED_STATE and GTK_WIDGET_FLAGS inside GtkWidget are
      changed to direct flag usage.
      Documentation is updated to refer to gtk_widget_set_has_window and
      Gail and tests are updated as well.
      Fixes: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69872
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    • Marek Kasik's avatar
      Check for details request before print · c44b0d2f
      Marek Kasik authored
      Checks for details request before sending a job to a printer.
      Shows busy state indication (cursor + status field).
      This avoids printing to wrong printer (bug #576601).
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    • Marek Kasik's avatar
      Add paper size combo and orientation combo to print dialog · 0ef74c93
      Marek Kasik authored
      Paper size combo and orientation combo can be added by
      gtk_print_operation_set_embed_page_setup_dialog() to GtkPrinUnixDialog
      now. This function induce calling of
      gtk_print_unix_dailog_set_embed_page_setup_dialog() after creation of
      dialog. These two functions control embed-page-setup-dialog properties
      in GtkPrintOperation and in GtkPrintUnixDialog.
      There is also new function gtk_print_unix_dialog_get_page_setup_set()
      which says whether page setup was set by user.
      Selected page setup is stored as default page setup in
      New class is added, its name is GtkCustomPaperUnixDialog. The class
      manages custom sizes. It is derived from GtkPageSetupUnixDialog's
      CustomPaperDialog structure.
      Page layout preview is modified, so, it shows dimensions of current
      page setup (mm or inch - depends on locale). It also shows the name of
      actual paper if page setup dialog is not embedded (paper size combo is
      not visible).
      gtk-demo is actualized to include this new feature.
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    • Marek Kasik's avatar
      Add ability to print selection · a12a583c
      Marek Kasik authored
      Add a new radio button "Selection" to the print dialog. Its presence
      depends on calling of functions gtk_print_operation_set_support_selection()
      and gtk_print_dialog_unix_set_support_selection().
      Sensitivity of the radio depends on calling of
      functions gtk_print_operation_set_has_selection() and
      There are new properties GtkPrintUnixDialog::support-selection,
      GtkPrintUnixDialog::has-selection, GtkPrintOperation::support-selection
      and GtkPrintOperation::has-selection. Corresponding getters are
      gtk_print_operation_get_support_selection() and
      Application has to set number of pages to which the selection will be formated
      in GtkPrintOperation::begin-print's callback by the
      gtk_print_operation_set_n_pages() function (bug #344519).
      There is also new property GtkPrintUnixDialog::manual-capabilities controled by
      gtk_print_unix_dialog_set_manual_capabilities() and
  25. 13 May, 2009 1 commit
    • Marek Kasik's avatar
      Add ability to print in number-up mode for file backend and lpr backend · 91190ce2
      Marek Kasik authored
      GtkPrintOperation is now able to render multiple pages per sheet by its
      own. The most important changes are in these functions:
        * increment_page_sequence
        * prepare_data
        * common_render_page
        * print_pages_idle
      Patch also changes set of choices for 2 pages per sheet mode when
      landscape orientation is used to "Top to bottom" and "Bottom to top".
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    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      Improve accessible name · f0b4779d
      Matthias Clasen authored
      Change the accessible name of an entry in the print dialog from "At"
      to "Time of print". String addition. (#577964)
  28. 08 Apr, 2009 2 commits