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    Update MSVC 2008 Project Files · f7926609
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    -Update the project files to simplify them a bit after the seperation of
     GDK-Pixbuf (move GDK-Pixbuf includes into the property sheet, move the
     linking of Cairo/Pango/PangoCairo into the property sheet)--this is for
     all DLL/EXE Projects (GDK/GTK/gtk-demo)
    -Update the GDK-Win32 project as the source files have changed
     significantly (especially as GDK3 was not compilable on Windows for a
     while--thanks to Hans Breuer for the help in the process-Bug 639127)
    -Made up for missed headers in the "install" stage and removed the removed
     headers in the property sheet
    -Updated GTK+ .def file generation as an extra macro is needed for that
    -Updated gdk/Makefile.am for the generation of gdk.vcproj from gdk.vcprojin
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