Commit 0b2372cc authored by Dorota Czaplejewicz's avatar Dorota Czaplejewicz
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base: Install udev file for loading the camera driver

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# First, remove an auto-loaded module, which was loaded when the device was off.
# Then load the module again as the device is on.
# If the removal fails, then the device is already properly initiated,
# and had claimed its resources, which now prevent the removal.
ACTION=="change", SUBSYSTEM=="rfkill", ENV{"RFKILL_NAME"}="mic-hks", RUN+="/usr/sbin/rmmod s5k3l6xx", RUN+="/usr/sbin/modprobe s5k3l6xx"
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ include /usr/share/dpkg/
dh_installudev --name=librem5
dh_installudev --name=l5-camera
dh_installsystemd --no-start --name=resize_rootfs
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