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HACKING: "Adding a new hardware driver" chapter.

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Adding a new hardware driver
The simple, scripted way (recommended):
Use the 'new-driver' script from the sigrok-util repo:
$ git clone git://
$ cd sigrok-util/source
$ ./new-driver "Tondaj SL-814"
The example above generates a patch file against the current libsigrok
development git tree which adds a simple "stub" driver for your device
(the Tondaj SL-814 sound level meter in this case).
You can apply it like this:
$ cd libsigrok
$ git am 0001-tondaj-sl-814-Initial-driver-skeleton.patch
You can now edit the files in the hardware/tondaj-sl-814 directory as needed.
The manual way:
This is a rough overview of what you need to do in order to add a new driver
(using the Tondaj SL-814 device as example). It's basically what the
'new-driver' script (see above) does for you:
- Add an --enable-tondaj-sl-814 option.
- Add "hardware/tondaj-sl-814/Makefile" to the AC_CONFIG_FILES list.
- Add and entry for the device in the "Enabled hardware drivers" list
at the bottom of the file.
- hardware/ Add "tondaj-sl-814" to the SUBDIRS variable.
- hwdriver.c: Add a tondaj_sl_814_driver_info entry in two places.
- hardware/tondaj-sl-814/ directory: Add the following files:, api.c, protocol.c, protocol.h
See existing drivers or the 'new-driver' output for the details.
Random notes
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