Commit 42d14d91 authored by Uwe Hermann's avatar Uwe Hermann

sysclk-lwla: Fix a regression with (at least) the LWLA1034.

This regression was introduced in f1ba6b4b.

Due to how the sysclk-lwla driver does up to 3 open/close operations in
one dev_open() API callback we cannot rely on the sr_dev_open() and
sr_dev_close() wrappers setting the sdi->status variable in this case.

Tested on LWLA1034.
parent 6c1a4cb4
......@@ -259,6 +259,8 @@ static int dev_open(struct sr_dev_inst *sdi)
/* This delay appears to be necessary for reliable operation. */
g_usleep(30 * 1000);
sdi->status = SR_ST_ACTIVE;
devc->active_fpga_config = FPGA_NOCONF;
devc->short_transfer_quirk = FALSE;
devc->state = STATE_IDLE;
......@@ -271,6 +273,7 @@ static int dev_open(struct sr_dev_inst *sdi)
/* Rinse and repeat. */
sdi->status = SR_ST_INACTIVE;
......@@ -306,7 +309,7 @@ static int dev_close(struct sr_dev_inst *sdi)
return SR_OK;
return ret;
/* Check whether the device options contain a specific key.
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