Commit 56c8dd82 authored by Uwe Hermann's avatar Uwe Hermann

sr_dev_close(): Drop unneeded variable.

parent f9bc17d4
......@@ -610,8 +610,6 @@ SR_API int sr_dev_open(struct sr_dev_inst *sdi)
SR_API int sr_dev_close(struct sr_dev_inst *sdi)
int ret;
if (!sdi || !sdi->driver || !sdi->driver->dev_close)
return SR_ERR_ARG;
......@@ -625,9 +623,7 @@ SR_API int sr_dev_close(struct sr_dev_inst *sdi)
sr_dbg("%s: Closing device instance.", sdi->driver->name);
ret = sdi->driver->dev_close(sdi);
return ret;
return sdi->driver->dev_close(sdi);
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