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HACKING: Improve description of Doxygen conventions.

parent dc5895cb
......@@ -140,6 +140,22 @@ Random notes
- Use the @ notation for all Doxygen comments (e.g. @param, not \param).
- Do not use the @brief tag, it's unnecessary as we use JAVADOC_AUTOBRIEF.
- Generally use the following item order in Doxygen comments:
- Brief function description (1 line), followed by an empty line.
- Optionally, a longer function description (and another empty line).
- The list of parameter descriptions (@param).
- The return value description (@return or @retval).
- An optional @since tag (only for public SR_API functions).
- An optional @private tag (for private SR_PRIV functions).
- In @param lines, the name of the parameter is followed by a space and
then a sentence describing the parameter (starts with a capital letter,
ends with a full stop).
- In Doxygen comments, put an empty line between the block of @param lines
and the final @return line. The @param lines themselves (if there is more
than one) are not separated by empty lines.
......@@ -167,6 +183,58 @@ Doxygen
The @since tag should be the last one, i.e. it should come after @param,
@return, @see, and so on.
- Examples:
* Tell a hardware driver to scan for devices.
* In addition to the detection, the devices that are found are also
* initialized automatically. On some devices, this involves a firmware upload,
* or other such measures.
* The order in which the system is scanned for devices is not specified. The
* caller should not assume or rely on any specific order.
* Before calling sr_driver_scan(), the user must have previously initialized
* the driver by calling sr_driver_init().
* @param[in] driver The driver that should scan. Must be a pointer to one of
* the entries returned by sr_driver_list(). Must not be NULL.
* @param[in] options List of 'struct sr_hwopt' options to pass to the driver's
* scanner. Can be NULL/empty.
* @return A GSList * of 'struct sr_dev_inst', or NULL if no devices were
* found (or errors were encountered). This list must be freed by the
* caller using g_slist_free(), but without freeing the data pointed
* to in the list.
* @since 0.2.0
* Query value of a configuration key at the given driver or device instance.
* @param[in] driver The sr_dev_driver struct to query. Must not be NULL.
* @param[in] sdi (optional) If the key is specific to a device, this must
* contain a pointer to the struct sr_dev_inst to be checked.
* Otherwise it must be NULL. If sdi is != NULL, sdi->priv must
* also be != NULL.
* @param[in,out] data Pointer to a GVariant where the value will be stored.
* Must not be NULL. The caller is given ownership of the GVariant
* and must thus decrease the refcount after use. However if
* this function returns an error code, the field should be
* considered unused, and should not be unreferenced.
* @retval SR_OK Success.
* @retval SR_ERR Error.
* @retval SR_ERR_ARG The driver doesn't know that key, but this is not to be
* interpreted as an error by the caller; merely as an indication
* that it's not applicable.
* @since 0.3.0
* @private
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